Private Lessons / Classes

1on1 or Groups

Private Group Classes

private classes


Similar to the One on One training but for small groups. Ideal for corporate and security training.

SPECIAL - Any group sponsor that books 10 or more will receive their training for FREE!

1 on 1 Training


Learn the fundamentals of safe firearm ownership and operation. In addition to accurate shooting, students are taught how to properly handle, clean, and store firearms, including a complete guide to disassembling and reassembling their handgun.

Why Choose 103 Tactical?

Highly Trained Staff

Our dedicated team is made up of male & female military and law enforcement professionals, NY State DCIS Certified firearm instuctors, NRA Certifed Instructors, and Firearms License Experts

We offer Private Lessons

Receive one on one personal training in firearms safety, use, carry as well as "Live Fire Training".

We offer Multi-state Conceal Carry License

  • New Jersey resident & non-resident carry licenses
  • Florida non-resident licenses
  • Utah non-resident conceal carry licenses

We Cater to NEW Shooters / Licensees

Train to learn / learn to train.

You must be 21 years of age, be of good moral character and be a US Citizen or Resident

We offer Private Classes

We provide private group / corporate classes.  Anyone who sponsors a group of 10 or more receives their training for FREE.

We offer a Full Array of Specialty Courses

  • NRA instructor classes
  • NRA basic pistol classes
  • NRA basic rifle classes
  • Personal protection inside / outside of the house
  • NRA CCW classes
  • Range safety officer classes